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Espresso Engineers Ltd are the Italian factory authorised service agents of VBM espresso machines and Mazzer grinders.

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As a key supplier in New Zealand providing Espresso Engineering services for over 25 years, Espresso Engineers knows and understands the importance of providing the best products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Here are a few reasons why we think you should choose us.

27+ years experience

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Our dedicated and experienced team of  Espresso engineers will get the job done.

Quality service guaranteed

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We guarantee your machine gets a service you can trust.

Workmanship guaranteed

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Espresso Engineers offer three months of guaranteed workmanship.

Trusted in the industry

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We are trusted partners for coffee roasters around New Zealand.

Authorized service agents

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We are the Italian factory authorised agents for VBM espresso machines and Mazzer grinders 

Free* courier service

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*Book online to get free courier service for domestic machines - within central Auckland.

All parts at all times

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We have the largest range of parts in New Zealand and Genuine Factory Original to guarantee fast efficient service and quality materials. 

High-end equipment

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Our high-end equipment includes a bead blasting facility and an ultrasonic acid bath cleaner to eliminate out all lime scale

Dedicated showroom

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We have created a dedicated training room with certified courses by the National Institute of Italian Espresso and International Institute of Coffee Tasters

Customer parking

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At your convenience we offer customer parking to the door.