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Espresso Engineers is the proud sponsor of an Ocke Mannerfelt designed offshore race boat competing in the NZ offshore powerboat series.


  • 2013 1st Super 60 class 1st 60 mile overall
  • 2012 1st Super 60 class NZ offshore
    Karapiro kilos 103.287 mph
  • 2011 1st Super 60 class NZ offshore NZ offshore championship
    1st MOC class rollo’s bridge to bridge powerboat sprints
  • 2010 1st Super 60 class 1st 60 mile overall + driver of the year NZ offshore championship
  • 2009 2nd Super 60 class 2nd 60 mile overall NZ offshore championship


Mercury racing offshore 3.0 litre 300 horsepower


Ocke Mannerfelt B-23. Length 23 foot of fibreglass construction. The B-23 was designed with experience from the larger B-28 boat. The aerodynamic’s work perfectly making it approximately 22% faster than a normal monohull of the same characteristic, giving it a top speed of over 100 MPH.

Friction is controlled by the wings which provide stability in the manner of a true airfoil. The unique bottom configuration of 3 transverse steps control water flow as it passes beneath the hull, which suck air in and add lubrication to the water flow.

The 1st step feeds the 2nd step in turn feeding the 3rd step located just forward of the transom, which is the load bearing section of the hull.

This is where the speed rails are also located fixed to the strakes. But unlike the strakes, speed rails are sharply angled deflecting water straight down beneath the boat and out providing extra hull lift.